Starting Fresh

As an ever-evolving species, we as human’s have a key ability above all other lifeforms: Self-reflection.  With that ability we are able to discern the accuracy of our own judgement.  It then becomes our responsibility to learn from our mistakes.  And if takes a little public humiliation of myself on my own website for me to learn, then so be it! 🙂

So what did Joel learn?  (switching to 3rd person for a moment).  Joel should still check his old email accounts that he no longer uses – because then Joel might have noticed his domain registrar contacting him, regarding that they would no longer be automatically renewing his domain he had registered under that age-old email account years ago.

The result?  Goodbye, hello!  But of course Joel learned more than that – he also learned that WordPress favors relative paths!

Ok enough 3rd person.  To make a long story short it was easier for me to start fresh with a new database and rewrite some of my important posts than to fix the old one.  Although it may have been possible to restore using a utility such as AgentRansack to make the necessary mass-edits, it still could not compare to the minimal effort of a fresh wordpress installation.  So here we are.  Ive recreated the “About Me” and “Detailing” pages at the top, but there is still more to come.  The how-to article, that I know many are impatiently waiting on, will be back soon.  I am committed to you guys and sincerely apologize for the downtime!

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