Detailing has been a passion of mine since I bought my first sports car in high school.  The right tools and a little TLC can make a car look like new again.

So what is detailing and what kind of detailing do I do?  Well, detailing is essentially the complete reconditioning of a vehicle.  Although I do just about every aspect of detailing, I specialize in paint restoration.  This is anything from a simple polishing, to multi-stage buffing, scratch repair, wetsanding, and orange peel removal.  Black cars, plagued by swirls and light scratches, are my specialty.

My intentions were to keep this work strictly on the side, but demand remains consistent and as such it has continued to grow.

Below are some samples of my work:

Clear coat correction via wetsanding

Black paint after complete polishing process

'63 Corvette Convertible

One-of-one '53 Corvette Supercharged Prototype

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